The advantages of a modern writer

Imagine an ancient writer - or even a writer lived more than 50 years ago. And now compare him with you. Which differences do you see? Many, I know. Too many, maybe. But I want to focus on one of them. The modern writer - who could be you - has got a computer, hasn't to write on paper. And this is a great advantage!
Compared to the past, now writing is a simple task, we can all do. Be careful, I said 'writing'. Because 'good writing' or 'becoming a writer' is a different kettle of fish. In the past, writers had to get paper, pen, ink, at best a typewriter. Today we need a computer, already fitted with a word processor.
But, more important, we have internet. Think about the web and how is it important for a writer. We can know everything, we can inform us about everything that happens in the world. In the past it wasn't so. Writer had to travel to see new places and realities. We can avoid the inconvenience of a long journey, using Wikipedia or Google Maps, or asking information by e-mail, through online newspaper, blogs, forums...

Our work is simplified, but it's not enough. Because talent, passion, commitment and good will are always required, today as yesterday.
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  1. Good post! I think that today to write is easier, because everyone can write something without problem. This is a good thing, because there aren’t technical barriers for people that want to become writers, but in this way even people that hasn’t got talent can write and write and write again and maybe become even really famous, as some names that I prefer not saying.
    With the net I’m meeting really interesting writers and we can exchange important help in our projects!
    It’s the first time I leave a comment here, so forgive my bad English!

    1. I agree. Unfortunately self-publishing doesn't always guarantee the quality. And readers should be careful when choosing, asking for help to bloggers or reading reviews, maybe. But it's the price we pay for a free literature. And I think it's sharing the most important aspect of the internet. Writers can share ideas, can work togheter and promote themselves, avoiding the elitist traditional publishing.
      Thanks for the comment! Back soon :)

    2. For me, selfpublishing isn’t a bad thing! Maybe, my bad English has caused some misunderstanding! Sorry! I only want to say that nowadays all things are easier and so more people can write and so the really good books sometimes are lost in heap of mediocre books! This is a problem for the reader but even for good writers that have the risk to not reach their reader or even an editor! In this way I don’t’ want to say that all selfpublishing or POD books are bad! You have also to take into consideration that my two first books were realized by a POD! These methods of publishing are really important in the word of the new publishing!

  2. Ciao Nicola, per Natale mi sono iscritto al tuo Blog, ma vedo che dopo dieci giorni non c’รจ stata corrispondenza con la tua libera iscrizione al mio Blog

    Per timore di non essere gradito mi disiscrivo chiedendoti scusa per il disturbo.

    Colgo l’occasione, in ogni caso, per augurarti un felice 2013, ciao Matteo.