What's imagination? And how to use it in writing

Imagination is the first writer's ally we're analysing. We've already said in the last post that the writer knows how to represent reality in fiction. Well, creative writing is fiction. Something fictitious doesn't really exist: it's created by our mind. Imagination is this: to create something that does not exist - but which could exist, even in a fantastic world.  

So, let's think of how many chances we have. We can imagine thousands of different characters, millions of places, billions of potential stories. And we own everything we need to pull them out of our mind. 

Since we're children, we learn to use imagination. But then we forget about it. It's something similar to daydreaming. It may seem childish, but creative writing is based on this. If we don't image new places, new people, new stories, we can't have ideas to write. Even if we're describing the reality.  

Our story is unique and unrepeatable. It doesn't exist. We create it through the way the characters interact, through the choices we make for them. All this is imagination. And we have to train it. How? Writing. Reading. Observing. 

The reality around us is a great source for our imagination. Let's absorb all the information. Then revise them to create different situations. Let's think of all possible versions of the same event, change the characters, change the places, change the roles. There is no limit to imagination - provided that the story is coherent and plausible.

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