Get inspired, that's easy!

In the last post, we talked about imagination. The second - but not least - writer's ally is the inspiration. We can't dispense it. But what is inspiration? It's difficult to define in words. Inspiration is a particular excitement of the mind or imagination, which drives us to create something. Ancient poets believed that he inspiration came from the muses. But we can rely only on our minds.  

One of the problems of a writer is to be confronted with a blank sheet and not be able to write anything. This is commonly called "writer's block". We seem to have no ideas, but we'd have much to write. We just have to get inspired! 

How? Easy. To get inspired means to find ideas. These are some tips I can give you: 

1. Read everything. Book, of course. But also magazines, newspapers, blogs, forums. They're rich in insights and ideas. 
2. Look at pictures, movies, paintings, travel photography. 
3. Listen to music, to conversations, to people's stories.  
4. Share your opinion with your friends. You'll find points of reflection you never considered before. 

But the method I prefer is brainstorming. Yes, you read right. It literally means "storm of ideas". Sit down and concentrate. Then write down everything that comes to mind: words, phrases, thoughts, scenes, everything. Then read it all over again. Is there something that deserves your attention? Have you found any ideas for a new story? Probably yes. Then connect with arrows all similar ideas and try to write a story. Otherwise store the paper and try again with brainstorming. But don't forget, inspiration is just around us.

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