Hi everybody. I'm Nicola Nicodemo, an Italian blogger with a passion for writing. Now I'm in Italy and I'm not English - so I hope you'll justify any possible grammatical errors.

I also edit the Italian blog Blog novel: Il Romanzo - if you'd like to check it out. I consider myself an aspiring writer. So this blog - as I said - does not pretend to teach anything. I just want to share with you my experiences, hoping to be useful.

What to say about me? I'm 18 years old. Yes I know, I'm young, but it's not my fault. You might ask, what ever you teach? Nothing I said. But i love to write, to share opinions, to talk about what I like. And if you find helpful what I write, I'm satisfied. If not, feel free to close the page. Web is full of other writing and reading blogs, I know. But, in my small way, I think I can enrich with my thoughs.

Talking about writing, I've published some short stories and some poems in Italy, and I'd like to write something in English. I just finished to write my first novel, that is currently evaluated by a publishing house.

I'm also a voracious reader. I like Italian and American fiction, but even English classics. I must confess I haven't yet chosen my favourite author. I read everything: fantasy, mystery, thriller, detective, noir, fiction.

Here you can find my virtual library on anobii.
If you want to contact me, write to blogromanzo@hotmail.it
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