First day as a writer

writing,writer,pen,paper,book If you're on this blog, maybe you like to write. Or, at least, you'd like to try. If you already write, this post might help you to rediscover the origins of your love for writing. If you'd like to try, this post is just for you. I do not pretend to teach you anything, much less how to write. Nobody can do it. It's something that is learned through experience. I just want to share with you my experience, which I hope will be useful.

The first time I tried to write a story, I was about ten. That story was nothing special - better to say it was horrible - but this is not the problem. What matters is that I had a passion, a goal and, above all, I liked. But I wasn't yet ready. And I knew. It was just a game. But it was important because I was approached to write. And now, years later, I remember with pleasure that time.

I started writing seriously - so to speak - a few years ago. I was 16. What does it mean seriously? It means to write constantly, with reasons, and enjoying what you do. Two years ago I also started writing on my Italian blog. It's a good way to practice and to share with others your passion. It's for the same reason I'm writing here now.

So I've been writing for a few years. But could I say I'm a writer? It depends on what writer means. If it means "person who writes", of course I'm a writer. But if it means "person who knows how to write" the question becomes more difficult. The writer is the one who manages to excite people through his words, who knows how to represent reality in fiction, to transmit messages, feelings, emotions.

It's quite hard. And what we need is a great personality, a great knowledge of the human mind and soul and a lot of experience. Writing doesn't mean to put words on paper. It means analysing moods, attitudes, ways of relating, ways of living, of expression. In order to create a fictitious story, but made of alive characters.

This was my first da as a writer: when I realized that to become a writer I had to work hard.

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