Better to start with a short story

I know, many aspiring writers dream of writing their first novel. They can't wait to write the first page of the book which will lead them to success. But it doesn't work, and my experience has confirmed. Haste is the worst enemy of a writer, along with many others. So don't jump the gun, start slowly. You'll have all the time you need.

Why writing a novel is difficult? Because it is too long. There are too many characters, too many events to consider. Add to this, the problems of writing in general: first, to write well. This is a great problem, the worst, if you have no experience.
The solution is: start writing a short story. It's more limited, has few characters and only one main topic. Short story can be very useful for several reasons:

1. It can help you to practice, to understand how creative writing, to realize what are your attitudes and your goals.

2. You can train your imagination and your skills. You can experiment with different themes and genres.

3. It isn't difficult to manage. It's a great way of approaching writing. At the same time you can acquire all the knowledge and techniques needed to draw a longer text.

In the next posts we'll see how to write a story. Meanwhile we must find the right determination to tackle a work not as simple as it sounds. Then we need ideas, a story to tell, something that touches us and excites our readers.

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